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Graphics content is crucial that make easy to spread information efficiently. Indamait is offering the best graphic design service in Bangladesh. We offer quality design including conceptual logo, banner, poster, website banner, brochure, visiting card, etc. Our design will make your marketing campaign effective; it can be social media/ any other things for digital marketing or typical tradition advertising elements like the banner, poster, etc. But whatever the design, we are committed to design your concept in the best possible way. We have the well-experienced team to provide our service to any company in Bangladesh and Beyond.

Graphics Design Service for Digital Media

In this modern age, digital media are more powerful than print media. That’s lots of millions of design needs to publish in different kinds of online platform every day. Moreover, social media enrich the power of digital media more than before. These media can be modified and preserve on digital electronics devices. We have a creative team to serve any kinds of graphics design for all types of digital media. If you run an E-commerce business or any other business which needs bulk graphics, feel free to contact us for a special price.

Graphics Design Service for Print Media

Print media is a way of interaction that requires the of the printed word. So simply print media are disseminating printed matter. The best example of print media is Magazines, newspapers, books, etc. We create books cover design, brochure, magazine cover, etc. for print media.

Our all services for print and digital media with a short description


Logo Design & Redesign

The logo is a symbol of the brand. A logo is so sensitive for branding — every business owner like to have a creative and eye-catching logo for his business organization. You can define our logo design service in three categories such as basic logo design service, conceptual logo design service, and logo re-design service. If you have a logo for you, but you need to modify it for a more eye-catching look, our logo redesign service is the best option for you.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Stationery Design Service

Generally good looking stationery helps to increase brand value. We can complete custom stationery by following your idea/ concepts.

Business Card & Letterhead

We are professional at our every work. We create the business card, Letterhead and Envelope professionally. Our unique design should help you to reach your target customer creatively with all essential custom design.

Brochure & Magazines

Big companies take the advantages of magazines and brochure marketing. But it is not so much costly comparing its value. You can add some information with creative design in Magazines, and it is an essential promotion and advertising policy. We create Brochure and Magazines for our client. Our graphics design team can also help you to create an E-Magazine and E-Brochure.


Product Illustration

Illustration of the product before launch the product is useful convenience of technology. Nowadays product Illustration is most effective for E-commerce business. But it is using in different ways according to the category of business. We can help you to illustrate your desire product correctly, and we do it under our graphics design team.

Posters & Banners

We design both digital and analog banner. If you need any kinds of banner, festoon, poster, we can do it for you. If you have any idea, then it is better, but if you need a concept, we think you will find us useful on this occasion. With our designing experience, we can illustrate your approach on your poster and banner ads.

Package Design

It is compassionate work. Whenever a designer work on such kinds of project, sometimes he needs to illustrate the whole theme of the product pack, sometimes need to demonstrate a concept. You should not take a risk to work on these project with an inexperience graphics designer.

Corporate Profile Design

We like to work on a project where we can apply creativity. The company profile is such kinds of project. You can illuminate a professional introduction in these profiles.

Flyers, Catalogue Design

We are no. 1 company especially in Bangladesh to design Flyers. If you have product orient business, the product catalog is more important than corporate profile design.


Our Graphic Design Service Process


1st step: Connect with your concept

Every design should have an idea. Any eye-catching is meaningless if it doesn’t create any sense. Our designer arranges a short time meeting with our client to understand the thought of clients on his project. It is the first step of any project we do.

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2nd step: Research and gather the idea

In conceptual designing, every single part is meaningful. Every color, the sketch has a different meaning. After hearing the client’s concept, we do proper research and put all the idea into an effective way before starting to create the design work.

3rd step: Start to Design

Whenever the first two-step is completed, it is easy to create the design. In the third step, we start our principle work. You can put this working format in any working process to complete the perfect job.

4th step: Revise and Update

After finishing our job, we revise our work in two stages. In the essential part, we find out the technical errors and fix it. Then in the most case, we send it to our client, and if they like our work, we finish our work. But if they want any changes, we note down their idea and revise, update or redesign our work.

5th Step: Deliver the Project to our Client

If everything is ok, at the five-step, we deliver our work to clients.


Our Commitment

Indamait has the best graphics designer team. Our design will extend your brand value. It will increase the effectiveness of the digital or print pieces. If you need a design to run a marketing campaign, it will improve efficiency. Attracting graphics is vital to attracting your customer, and it helps to sell products. We are committed to provide unique and conceptual design for every project.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]

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